BBHC Update October 2011

Post Cyclone Nargis to date we have had 36922 total patient visits, 18413 in 2009 & 16499 in 2010 respectively between both mobile (monthly) & regular (daily)clinics.

Through June 2011, the number of patient visits has been 5356 at daily clinics and 1812 at monthly clinics.


2009 – 31,069,726.00 MMK (Approx $30,000.00)

2010 – 30,861,294.00 MMK (Approx $31,000.00)

2011 through June – 18,074,460.00 MMK (Approx $22,000.00)

These costs are increasing due to the decline of the dollar’s value.

Daily BBHC clinics serve the communities of Thingangyun, South Okkalappa & Thuwanna Townships.

Types of problems that we see range from acute problems such as dengue fever, asthma attacks, skin infections, respiratory infections, water born and diarrheal diseases and chronic problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases such as scabies and fungal infections, malnutrition, worm infestations, and respiratory illnesses including tuberculosis, emphysema, asthma, bronchitis. Currently, 2 clinics are registered “Sun Clinics” which are social franchise operation by PSI which, following its training, subsidizes services for reproductive health and treatment for TB.

We also provide prenatal care, reproductive health care, including contraceptive advice, counseling and dispense appropriate contraceptive medications.

Monthly BBHC clinics serve South & East Dagon Townships in 5 locations

These locations have similar disease profiles as the regular clinic locations, except most patients come to us for long term treatment of chronic conditions mainly high blood pressure and diabetes. Patients here are much poorer and the locations are much more remote allowing little access to hospitals and laboratory services.

Additional investigations such as X-rays, blood tests, ultrasound & echocardiograms are performed at 2 BBHC-friendly laboratory facilities that will render needed services which are funded through BBHC.

When occasional life threatening emergencies or conditions beyond our capacity and ability to treat arise, funding has been established which allows for referral and treatment at the nearest hospitals and/or specialist clinics.

Health education is an important part of BBHC’s mission & it occurs in both individual and group education by the BBHC staff. We use different educational materials, posters and pamphlets, which emphasize the importance of hygiene, dangers of mixed drug use and information on serious consequences of untreated or poorly treated hypertension and diabetes and the importance of compliance of treatment, dietary information for diabetics and prevention of malnutrition

Another integral part of BBHC’s mission is the continuing education of its Medical Staff.

This is achieved through regular email correspondence of feedback from the senior BBHC staff on the weekly reported data, hands on supervision of clinical management by visiting Physicians from the USA and UK. Didactic lectures are given by visiting physicians from the USA, UK and Singapore six to eight times a year. The medical staff is also provided with reference materials (Oxford Handbook Series, iPod Touch with medical apps such as Epocrates) to guide in day to day management of patients. BBHC also promotes development of critical thinking skills.

Albeit its small size and operations, BBHC has established itself in the community as an honest and reputable organization and in doing so we have attracted new recruits (physicians and non-physicians) as well as domestic donors from word of mouth and a loyal patient following.

Farming Project
We have discontinued all of our Cyclone Nargis rehabilitation and recovery projects mainly due to lack of personnel and our desire to focus on our healthcare activities.

Since or last update we received 37,000 US$ in loan repayments. From this money we have been able to give $6000.00 for Cyclone Giri relief through the local organization, LEAD.

$3500 has been donated for the building of a safer bridge in Dedaye Township which is the main crossing for village children to go to school.

The remainder of the loan collection is intended for emergency funds and for other suitable development projects.

We sincerely would like to thank individuals and organizations whose generous donations have made this work possible. We also would like to thank our partners, Dickler foundation, Direct Relief, Prospero World for their grants. Your continued support is vital in helping those in need and allowing us to continue with our efforts to improve the lives of many.